Black Wolf

Ariana, 21, I write, listen to music, sleep, eat, bf time, and I am basically a loner

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Manatee Avengers by Joel Micah Harris

(via watdrue)

My partner will always find someone better than me
Im worthless mean and pathetic
Nobody wants to be with someone like me
Me as in non existing parasite that doesn’t help anyone
Selfish narcissistic downgraded worthless being
I dont want to live anymore because Im not benefiting anyone Im just a tool for only pleasures of someone else nobody else can ever see true happiness come out of my face when I thought I was in love it seemed perfect and endless but now all i see is rage and hate in me my mind wasn’t worth any type of emotion Im not meant for such things such as happiness and romance my self existence is to balance the good with bad an sorrow and nothing more so please just deteriorate

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